Are Multiple Office Equipment Vendors Costing You Money?

Multiple Office Equipment Vendors is a Budget Buster

The next budget buster is multiple office equipment vendors. Organizations commonly acquire or inherit copiers, color copiers, printers, scanners or fax machines based on an isolated need and a revolving budget. Over time, this hodge-podge of office equipment results in too many devices, outdated equipment and unreliable technology, such as analog copiers or dial-up fax machines.

Multiple office equipment vendors create inefficiency for employees as they spend time ordering copier and printer supplies, tracking services and maintaining each device. Additionally, with various invoices, accounting winds up entering and cutting a check to each vendor. In this case, a clear-cut solution would be to:

  1. Differentiate office equipment by vendor.
  2. Consolidate office technology to one vendor (as terms expire).
  3. Purchase toner and other office equipment supplies from a single vendor

When you list office equipment by vendor, you may find you are using numerous companies to supply just a few items for each department. By combining office equipment, services and supplies to one consolidated invoice, businesses will experience a dramatic savings and witness a more efficient, productive staff.

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