Are You Overspending on Documents?

Reduce Document Spending and Increase Office Productivity

Are you overspending on documents and related expenses? California businesses continue to seek new ways to reduce overall spending while increasing— productivity and profits.

According to InfoTrends, an independent market research firm, corporations are spending, on average, six percent of their annual revenue on documents, office equipment and other related expenses. Research also shows some companies are spending upwards of 15 percent. The question becomes where is your spending — at 6 percent or at 15 percent?

In either case, there are steps a business can take to start saving on all levels of document production, document management and document distribution.

Document Printing & Use Analysis

The Officia Imaging Environmental Print Study combined with our talented team of document experts can show your business how to reduce its document spend up to 30% as well as improve your document workflow in no time.
Officia Imaging services California businesses with award-winning office equipment and innovative software solutions that reduce costs, increase productivity, and protect the environment. By conducting an Environmental Print Study or document workflow analysis, we make educated recommendations that  will give you more for your money.

Call Officia for a free Environmental Print Study and—Make a Great Impression.

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