Copiers from Ricoh Savin Improve Document Workflow

Officia ensures that your document workflow processes run smoothly with reliable Ricoh Savin copiers, printers and multifunction printers MFPs. Ricoh Savin’s award-winning technology provides a universal solution to improve your workflow systematically without incurring additional costs.

Savin Document Capture and Distribution Solutions

Savin’s document workflow

Capture and Distribution solutions turn your existing multifunction printers into a “document portal” that can transform paper-intensive information and processes into efficient digital workflows. Through the seamless integration of office equipment hardware and document management software you’ll enjoy the benefits of streamlined document scanning, indexing and electronic document distribution.

Exceptionally Affordable Color

Maintain cost savings over time with a competitive cost-per-page for both color and black & white jobs.

Simplified Display

Customizations for particular department applications speed the process even further, resulting in a more productive workforce.

Fully Customizable Easy To Use Color Screens

One-touch buttons require fewer steps than most competitors’ nested panels. Ease of use means customers get their jobs done quickly with a shorter learning curve.

True Universal Drivers for PCL with Graphical Icons

Eliminate the need to load multiple drivers for user workstations. Some competitors’ so‐called “universal drivers” are only universal for their own line of products.

Graphical Icons in print drivers

Recognize saved settings easily by graphical icons in the driver. Easier to use than the text listings of settings found in most competitors’ drivers

Officia Can Improve You Document Workflow Up To 30%

Officia Imaging provides free Environmental Print Study to assess your current print environment and make recommendations that can increase the efficiency of your business document workflows up to 30%. The Officia Performance Guarantee is committed to provide you with award-winning color copiers, scanners, printers, and multifunction printers MFPs that help reduce the time, cost and the hassle of capturing, managing and securing documents.

Ricoh and Savin also offers Mobile Printing Solutions for a smarter print environment.

To further learn about the Savin and Ricoh copiers, visit the nearest Officia location or call us today.

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