Copy Machine Trade-in Rebates

Get Up to $12,500 in Copy Machine Trade in Rebates

Start reducing your office expenses now by replacing your old, less efficient copy machines with the Officia Technology Trade-In Rebate Program. Eligible trade-in’s qualify for technology rebate credits you can use for Mobile Devices (such as iPads, SmartPhones, eReaders), Officia equipment (Printers, copy machines, scanners, large format printers, fax) or our cloud based Document management solutions. Contact your Officia representative for details.

Copy machines are a critical tool to your office productivity. If you purchased or leased your copy machine over 3 years ago, it may be time to consider trading it in for new technology.  Benefits of new copy machine technology include:

  • Multifunctional features in one machine. Copy, print, scan, store
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Faster speeds
  • Smaller foot prints
  • Increased reliability

Contact Officia Imaging today to see if a new copy machine is right for your business and take advantage of our crazy good technology trade in rebates.

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