How to Fix Document-Driven Business Processes

Is fixing document-driven business processes is best left to existing staff or new hardware/software investments?

According to IDC findings the answer is No.

Re-engineering processes requires deep expertise and outside perspective, while simply adding hardware to a broken process can serve to simply “lock in” inefficiencies.

According to the chart above most businesses are addressing the document-related issues by leveraging existing staff and investing in new hardware/software solutions. However, as demonstrated by the survey, this common practice has not been very effective in many organizations, which reported at least 35% – 45% of document processes they have knowledge of were ineffective.

Moreover if we look closely, leveraging existing staff and investing on new equipment or software can even increase your inefficiencies and overall print costs further due to the lack of expertise of your staff or IT department (which in turn results in the need to provide staff training, increase your IT support, add staff hours, and make more help desk calls, and many more).

The table below provides a simple comparison on what business process owners may encounter when solving broken document processes by leveraging existing staff and adding new equipment or having an expert such as a managed print services partner.

Existing Staff + New Equipment

Managed Print Services

  • Spend on new equipment
  • Provide staff training and increase work hours
  • Increase your IT Help Desk Support
  • Additional spend on maintenance and service costs
  • Increase hidden print costs
  • Maintain, upgrade, or lease equipment more affordably
  • Your staff can focus on their expertise
  • Hire document experts
  • Maintenance and On-call services usually included
  • Uncover and decrease hidden print costs

Thus, businesses should deliberately focus on addressing the underlying issues with deep expertise. Instead of simply spending on new technology that will only “lock in” the inefficiencies, consider a document expert such as a Managed Print Services provider. Learn about the Top 5 Managed Print Services Evaluation Factors most businesses use when considering a Managed Print Services partner.

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