How to Monitor Office Document Use to Control Costs

Document Monitoring for Cost Control

A further key to identify overspending is document monitoring. Knowledge is power; knowing the types of documents and how many of which are being produced, is important to cutting costs. Ask yourself

  • Could printed documents be archived instead?
  • Are accounting and sales printing the same document multiple times?
  • Are employees taxing your office equipment for personal use?
  • Do you know your print to waste ratio?
4 Steps to Monitor Document Use

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken; and you can’t start saving until you are able to recognize specific areas of over-produced documents, redundant circulation and technology neglect. In some cases, you might even have equipment that is not being fully utilized.

Again, knowing what documents are being produced will help you accomplish your goal: to save money. To identify whose, what, when, where and how many documents your California office is producing Officia Imaging recommends you:

  1. Place and monitor recycling containers near copy machines and printers, keeping a close eye on what is printed and any waste that is occurring.
  2. Install document monitoring software and document storage and archive management solutions.
  3. Create a document management plan.

Sure, if you replace your budget busters with more efficient copy machines and print devices, you will cut costs significantly. And yes, your organization will be on the right track if you consolidate vendors and install document management software. But without a plan, you may be jeopardizing an opportunity to trim expenses and thrive during these tough economic times.

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