Improve Document Security with Savin and Ricoh Copiers

Problems relating to document security such as computer hacking, viruses, information leaks and information theft are ever-increasing in this digital age. Viruses are generated every day; hackers and phishers are everywhere; and computer crimes are more complex than before. Thus, protecting proprietary data should be nonstop and built-in in all your business processes and office equipment.

Ricoh Savin understands how vital trust and document security are to your business. This is why Savin offers multiple lines of defense to help you protect the information that flows through your Savin multifunctional printers (MFPs), printers and fax machines. Savin products offer  built-in document security features  that offer strong protection for your data.

Ricoh and Savin Copier Security Solutions

Optimize your printing with Savin’s portfolio of copier and printer network Security Solutions including document and network security and automated and built-in defenses to output your confidential documents and secure the data.

Multi-layered protection for your documents and data

Secure Documents and Data Proprietary software makes it extremely difficult to access documents and data on a Savin multifunction printers MFP or printer hard drive.

Enhanced Document Security

Enhance document security by configuring Savin MFPs to release documents only to authenticated users with a valid user ID and password

Built-In Defense

Savin-engineered multifunction printers MFPs and copier printers are equipped with proprietary software to control machine functions.

Automated Protection

Many Savin multifunction printers MFPs and copier printers use Random Access Memory (RAM) instead of a hard drive for document processing. This means that document images are not stored on a hard drive and are not available for retrieval.

Exceptional Network Security

Savin offers a range of modern network security solutions that allow you to authenticate users, encrypt network communications and close unused network ports.

Officia Imaging for Document and Network Security

At Officia Imaging, we offer document and network security as a standard feature of all our office supplies. From multifunction printers to scanning devices, which are now evolving into network information stations, Officia makes sure that all office equipment supplied by our trusted partners provide our customers a strong defense system for threats on information security.

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