Is A Paperless Office Really More Efficient?

According to IDC research findings… the answer is NO.
  1. Many business processes continue to rely on paper — between 31% and 39%
  2. Respondents selected paper-based processes as some of the most effective
  3. Respondents found many electronically based processes as the least effective process

A paperless office is a work environment wherein the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced by using document management software to capture and share information in digital form. Many believe that “going paperless” can reduce costs, increase workflow, save office space, allow easier collaboration, strengthen information security, and help the environment. Despite the many benefits of having a paperless office, it is found that whether you go digital or not, your business may still face huge risks if document-driven processes were not managed appropriately.

Document-driven business processes, by definition provided by the IDC, are performed by one or more groups within the organization and are governed or driven by information captured in documents. Documents can be paper (printed, scanned, copied, or entirely paper based) or electronic, or they can migrate between paper and electronic during the end-to-end life cycle of the business process. Statistics have shown that about half of business processes are identified as document driven.

Business processes can be further classified into Customer-facing, Non-customer-facing, and Risk Mitigation processes. The table shows the percentage and activities involved in each business process.

Customer-facing (50.1%)

Non-customer-facing (44.2%)

Risk Mitigation (51.1%)


Customer onboarding

Customer communications

Customer service and support

Billing and collections

New product development

Employee onboarding

Demand planning


Purchasing & vendor management

Desktop support

Business continuity


Financial controls

Business continuity



Customer due diligence

Change/problem management

Risk assessment

Remote business monitoring Information security

As shown, over 40% of business activities are still paper intensive. However based on the statistics below, whether you have a paperless office or not, it is clear that the need for improving document-driven processes is crucial, considering that the most inefficient processes are the Risk Mitigation processes (45.3%) which introduce significant risks such as failure to meet compliance or regulatory requirements, having a major IT breach, or getting pulled into a major audit.

IDC concludes that having effective processes depends upon the underlying workflows and the medium is not necessarily the problem. They also found that in companies that are fixing document-driven processes, whether they have a Managed Print Services Partner or not, paper is not necessarily the culprit.

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