Managed Print Services Can Help Control Your Document Expenses

Considering Managed Print Services?

Learning how much you really spend on document printing, document storage, and document retrieval can be a surprise. The Gartner Group estimates that document related costs for businesses range between 3 – 5% of revenue.

Managed Print Services offer more than just printer equipment, toner supplies, and customer service. Managed Print Services is a total document management solution. And now more than ever, a managed print services program can work for you – to help your business control document related expenses and perform better.

The first step toward controlling document expense starts with a Free Environmental Print Study. This is where a managed print services representative gathers all the required information to assess your overall print environment. This includes both physical information about your print environment and electronic data about your company’s document usage and history, gathered from a secure data collection agent.

Managed Print Services Align with Your Business Needs

The next step toward controlling document related expenses is to review the print study findings and work with your managed print services representative to develop a solution that best aligns with your needs and will deliver measurable cost savings over time.

Having a well-implemented managed print services solution from a reliable support provider enhances your organization’s performance, boosts IT productivity, and supports your sustainability or Go Green initiatives.

Managed Print Services Will Help You Control Document Related Expenses

Using a managed print services solution will help your business get all document-related costs under control― in a very short period of time. From choosing the best office equipment for the right locations, to monitoring print use, dispatching service and disbursing toner supplies, a managed print services solution can deliver significant document cost savings and more value to your business.

Managed Print Services Advantages

If you are a California business, consider a no-cost Environmental Print Study from Officia. We will conduct a comprehensive document and workflow analysis, which can help you save up to 30% on document related expenses and increase productivity within your business.

Officia Imaging is among the largest, locally owned and managed office equipment and managed print services providers in California. We partner with leading print technology providers, hold an A+ BBB rating, and have the resources to get the job done right. Let Officia Imaging show you how managed print services can help you control your document related expenses.

Managed Print Services from Officia Imaging Can Help Your Business Control Document Related Costs

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