Managed Print Services is a Growing Trend

Gartner estimates that companies that manage their printing can save 10% to 30%, even if that management is internal. However, most organizations lack the staff, resources, and know-how required to achieve this level of savings without a Managed Print Services partner. Managed Print Services offer more than just printer, office equipment, toner supplies, and customer service. Managed Print Services is a total document management solution. And now more than ever, a managed print services program can work for you – to help your business control document related expenses and perform better.

Managed Print Services is Experiencing Accelerated Growth

The Managed Print Services industry is expected to grow to $25.5 billion in 2014 and many business technology pros have adopted and are considering managed print services.

Managed Print Services Growth Chart

In an InformationWeek survey, 62% of respondents say they use or have used Managed Print Services, with an additional 7% evaluating. While fourteen percent of respondents don’t use or haven’t evaluated Managed Print Services, only 4% said they have evaluated Managed Print Services but decided against using the services at the time.

Why Are Businesses Considering A Managed Print Services Partner?

 Businesses are considering Managed Print Services for many reasons but the main one is to control their document expenses which on average account for 6% of a business’s annual revenue. Managed Print Services is simply a better solution for mid to large size businesses who want to gain control of their document costs, security and compliance. According to InformationWeek, some of the reasons why businesses are implementing Managed Print Services include their desire for:

Managed Print Services Can Manage What Employees Can’t Measure
Your Managed Print Services partner can measure and manage what most businesses can’t – such as the hidden costs you spend to find lost documents, file stacks of papers, order toners, and check print usage. You also have electricity costs, repair costs, and paper waste that are not accounted for without Managed Print Services. If you are considering Managed Print Services for expert advice, advanced tools, an all-inclusive service to solve document overspending Officia imaging can help.

Consider Officia Imaging for Managed Print Services
Officia Imaging is the leading provider of high-quality office equipment and managed print services to thousands of businesses throughout California. We have the technical expertise, exceptional customer service and established experience to help our customers save money and increase productivity significantly.

Contact Officia for a no-cost Environmental Print Study today. Our team of document management and printing experts will help you identify your total actual document costs and recommend a Managed Print Services solution tailored to your specific needs and aligned with your business goals.


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