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Wouldn’t You Like to Print from Your Smartphone?

Mobile printing is a hot topic today. Did you know 48% of mobile users in the US own a Smartphone and use it for work daily? The ever-increasing population of cloud–based IT environments, Smartphone and mobile devices such as the iPad and other tablet PCs in the workplace heightens the need for innovative print solutions that make it safe and easy for you and your colleagues to print from your handheld devices.

According to a mobile printing survey conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), the rapidly expanding mobile workforce, the proliferation of smartphones and media tablets, and the explosion of mobile apps will have a significant impact on print volume and business users will fuel the demand for mobile printing solutions over the next five years.

Benefits of Mobile Printing

Mobility drives print volume and a straightforward print solution is now a must-have for mobile users in any organizations.  IDC found that workers who travel moderately are the most likely to report increases in print volume. However, mobile printing does not only benefit the traveling workforce, but also the workers who need to print at different locations within an organization’s own facilities.

An easy-to-use, secure, and immediate mobile printing solution provides valuable benefits for any business or organization. In general, mobile printing:

  • Enables users to print when and where required, just-in-time rather than just-in-case
  • Increases customer satisfaction and workforce productivity
  • Reduces time-consuming tasks and printing waste
  • Offers a new revenue stream for business locations that serve mobile workers

Full Line of Mobile Printing Solutions

As mobile printing emerges to be the future of business printing, we are very excited to share with you the fresh HotSpot Mobile Printing line from our partner Ricoh / Savin. This HotSpot Mobile Printing solution makes printing from your smartphone, tablet or laptop just as easy as 1-2-3. With no software or drivers to download and no networks or third-party apps needed, your customers or employees can print by simply sending an email.

Why Choose HotSpot Printers and MFPs

The Ricoh/ Savin HotSpot product line provides a hard-copy output solution for Internet-enabled device users. HotSpot devices include Savin’s award-winning printers and multifunction products, and are powered by PrinterOn, the world’s leading provider of mobile printing solutions so you can print anywhere, anytime from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone quickly, easily and securely.

Mobile HotSpot Printing Offers:

  • Ultimate Convenience – Enjoy simple wireless, driverless printing whenever, wherever and provide your organization and customers a flexible office environment. HotSpot printers and MFPs can handle both network and mobile printing tasks without any IT intervention.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance –Install a completely embedded solution. The HotSpot devices are self-configuring and ready to print in minutes.
  • Maximum Security – Give access to network printers without giving access to your corporate network. Prints are held in the printer until released by the user with a PIN unique to each print, providing a secure printing solution for your customer.
  • Marketing Opportunity – Incorporate company logos, colors, and messages to reflect the service provider’s business identity and brand image through customizable HotSpot Printer’s Web page.
  • Cost and Waste Reduction – Manage paper waste by eliminating unclaimed prints and reduce your overall printing costs.

Officia Imaging is the leading service provider for office printers, copiers and managed print solutions for California businesses. We have industry leading partners like Ricoh / Savin to provide you with the most innovative, high quality office printers, copiers and managed print solutions available on the market today.

Call Officia today to find out how mobile printers can help you – Make a Great Impression.

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