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Fax Machines are a critical piece of office equipment for business communication. Today’s fax machines communicate over computer networks and the Internet making it easier for you to get your work done. In addition to the time saving benefit, the cost savings can also be substantial.

If you haven’t looked into the latest fax technology, you may be pleasantly surprised at the potential savings. Officia Imaging offers a wide selection of high-quality business fax machines.

Fax machines help you GO GREEN by reducing your carbon footprint and eliminating paper waste. By electronically auto-scanning your documents on both sides of the paper, all in one pass, then sending it over a network or the Internet, you can do more with less and eliminate the waste associated with printing documents prior to faxing and storing the paper after.

Fax Machine Features

Officia Imaging offers affordable fax machine solutions that can improve your business communication while reducing costs and increasing workflow efficiency.

Choose Officia for office fax machines and— Make a Great Impression.