PlanetPress Suite

PlanetPress Suite Optimizes Document Production & Distribution

PlanetPress Suite, from Objectif Lune, is a professional software solution allowing organizations to maintain and grow their customer base by adding value to business documents and distributing them in a format that best suits the recipient preferences.

PlanetPress Suite optimizes production and document distribution with automated workflows. Documents created with PlanetPress Suite can be:

Using host incoming data extract required information from data such as print streams, databases, XML or other formats and easily map it onto a template document.

PlanetPress Suite can import existing business documents created with any Windows application and interpret their content intelligently for repurposing and enrichment.

Objectif Lune first started in the variable data printing industry in 1993 by creating custom turnkey solutions which evolved to a suite of products called PlanetPress Suite. With impressive success, the company has quickly become a leader in its field and now provides solutions for all aspects of the variable data printing industry including:

Let PlanetPress Suite and Officia Imaging help you — Make a Great Impression.