Perform Eco Check Up on Earth Week

There are many things you can do this Earth Week 2012 from joining community events, to supporting an environmental cause and even launching a new green corporate initiative.  Officia Imaging suggests you schedule an Eco Check Up. No, we don’t want you to see your doctor, but it is worth the effort to take a closer look at your office environment, for small but important enhancements that can help you Get Lean & Go Green.

Assess Your Corporate Carbon Footprint

You cannot manage what you do not measure. It’s important that you calculate your office’s carbon footprint on a regular basis. By knowing your carbon footprint, you’ll learn how your corporate usage (e.g. electricity, transportation, water, paper) creates an impact to the environment. This allows you to consider newer and better ways to generate a smaller footprint and reduce costs.

Tip: Managed Print Services Environmental Print Study will help you identify, manage, and control your print costs more easily and more affordably.

E-Cycle Your E-Waste

The upsurge of electronic devices used by employees and consumers every day (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops, printers) demands for e-waste management programs that are easy to use and affordable. “E-Cycling”, as set forth by the US EPA, refers to donations, reuse, shredding and general collection of used electronics. By participating in e-cycling programs, you can manage your corporate e-waste, with less hassle and less costs.

Tip: Consider Free Toner Recycling Programs from local service providers to further reduce costs.

Gain Green Customers

Incorporating environmentally conscious products and process into your business is not only good for the environment; it’s good for your brand. Savvy consumers look for eco-friendly brands and support businesses that support the environment.

Tip: Using and offering ENERGY STAR-Qualified products make it easy for consumers to identify energy-efficient products recommended by US EPA.

Strive for Environmental Compliance

Environmental compliance is crucial to the competitiveness and trustworthiness of your organization. Awareness is not enough especially for publicly listed companies who are put to reputational risk in case of non-compliance to environmental laws. To avoid the detrimental risks and potential costs, your organization must make every effort for compliance as part of your environmental obligation.

Tip: The US EPA offers various compliance programs to help your business better understand environmental laws. Visit  for more information.

Upgrade to Eco-Superior Equipment

According to, Eco-Superior products are products that are not only eco-friendly, but superior to polluting incumbents in every possible way. Whether or not your organization have purchased or leased eco-friendly equipment already, going for more recent technologies can provide you with better, lasting results including further cost reduction, increased efficiency, and smaller footprints. For example, the latest mobile print technologies can help you maximize ROI and create a new revenue stream. Learn why Mobile Printing Solutions Work Smart.

Tip: Ask your service provider about trading in your old equipment for eco-superior technologies. Also check if your current equipment can be updated or is upgradable to reduce downtime.

This Earth Week at Officia

Officia Imaging has integrated Go GREEN Solutions to help your organization minimize carbon footprint, while maximizing your office efficiency.

Officia Imaging offers a Free Environmental Print Study to help you take advantage of the new technologies that maximize your office efficiency while minimizing carbon footprint. Our recommendations can substantially reduce document costs, often up to 40%.

You can also start recycling without the hassle by joining our Free Toner Recycling Program, where you can easily recycle used, empty toner cartridges. All you have to do is collect your cartridges and deposit them in our recycling boxes.

If you’re looking to buy or upgrade to newer, more ecological office equipment systems, we are also offering Trade-In for selected equipment for a limited time only. For more info, go to (Trade-In Landing Page) or call your Officia representative.

Join Officia Imaging in Saving the Environment and– Make a Great Impression

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