Ricoh and Savin Copiers for Environmental Sustainability

We all want to do our part to promote environmental sustainability but where should you start? Fortunately, there are now many opportunities to help you build a greener office and protect the environment with Ricoh Savin Copiers and printers from Officia Imaging. Have you performed an Eco Check-Up this year?

Green printing is one of the easiest ways that your business can reduce carbon footprint at the same time reduce your document costs. Savin supports zero-waste-to-landfill operations from product design, manufacturing, and distribution operations to offer copy machines, printers, and multifunction printers MFPs that are eco-friendly all the way through. With built-in Go Green features, your business can easily and affordably promote environmental sustainability.

Ricoh Savin Go Green Solutions

Quick Start-Up Technology (QSU)

Enables imaging systems to start up quickly when needed, while reducing energy consumption when the system is in sleep mode.

High-Speed Duplex Printing/Copying

Allows for duplex copying at the speed of one-sided copying, and electronic file sharing, available in networked systems.

Energy Star Compliant

Savin multifunction printers MFPs are 100% Energy Star compliant and feature quick recovery from cold start or Energy Saver Modes.

ISO Certification

Savin products are manufactured in facilities that meet the rigorous international standards of ISO 14001.

Recycling programs

Savin customers are actively encouraged to mail their used toner cartridges to Savin recycling centers through its Toner Cartridge Return Program.

Officia Can Help You Go Green and Address Sustainability

Officia Imaging can help your business Go GREEN and reduce its carbon footprint by offering energy-saving copiers, document management solutions, and consumable office supplies that are affordable and eco-friendly.  We also offer California businesses an easy way to recycle toner cartridges and protect the environment— at no cost.

Officia experts can conduct a Free Environmental Print Study to help you assess your corporate carbon footprint and reduce your impact to the environment.

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