Copier & Printer Rentals

RentalsShort & Long-term Copier & Printer Rentals

Choose Officia Imaging when your business needs a short-term copier rental or printer rental in California. We also offer long-term copier rentals, printer rentals and other office equipment rentals for any business need.

We have a wide selection of office copier rentals ready to deliver. We are experienced working with hospitality venues, hotels and convention events. We also work closely with non-profits and emergency responders.

Our flexible copier rental programs quickly get you the copier, fax or printer equipment you need. Our copier and printer rental program gives you reliable quality products, with service and supplies included.

Officia Imaging Copier Rental & Printer Rental Programs

Officia Imaging has the equipment you need and the service you want.

Choose Officia for your next copier rental and— Make a Great Impression.